Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy: Practical Recommendations by Professionals

Today one would get surprised at the idea of going into a poker battle without any protection. You’d call such players mad! If you sit around a poker table with absolutely no idea or plan how you’re going to play the game, consider yourself lost. Our strategy guide will explain how you can use or even scheme your own strategy and make your chances of winning some big cash palpable.

Strategy for Winning at Texas Hold’em

First of all, a casino player should never mix a Texas Hold’em strategy with tactics. The latter are for short terms while a strategy involves long-term planning with multiple tactics included in different phases. If you are a beginner or an intermediate player, you should first learn the basic rules that lie in the basis of all strategies. Use the Texas Holdem poker strategy tips both in online games and tournaments.

Opening Hands

It’s crucial to choose the right opening hands in Texas Hold’em. The choice majorly depends on the position. The closer you get to the Button the wider your starting hand range can be. The number of players plays a significant role, too. You see, when you’re playing against only one player, your hands can have less value than if you’d be playing against 5 or more players. The same goes for bluffing. The same hands acquire a higher value once you have a single opponent to convince you to have the winning hand. So, be attentive when choosing your first hand and think about how it will help you make money after the flop.

Size Your Bet Correctly

Quite often we can see players having the freedom to bet whatever they have in front of them in No-Limit Texas Hold’em and then falling into big problems. To avoid them, watch how much and when you make bets.

  • When the raise of standard pre-flop is 2.5xBB, don’t try to raise an odd amount or it would backfire. Place sensible bets or you’ll face a loose call.
  • If you raised the bet during the pre-flop, a c-bet becomes mandatory. It should be sized somewhere between 50% and 70% of the pot. If you bet too small during the post-flop, you might face a check-raise.
  • Know when to bluff and don’t bluff big.

These are all crucial tips of poker strategy Texas Hold’em you should remember.

No Limping

There are several ground reasons why avoiding limping should be a part of your strategy:

  • Limping in any late position means giving the blinds a clear pass to see the flop to cheat with medium-value hands;
  • The necessity to limp more often than raise indicates of constantly playing with weak hands. In such a case you’d better fold’em;
  • It’s too risky to limp into pots when being out of position cause you will not get any value for your hand if you hit the board hard.

So, whenever possible, opt for another action rather than folding.

Strategy Chart for No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker

Using a chart of no-limit Texas Holdem poker strategy, you are getting armed with the necessary knowledge of how this or that hand is valued in each round. Keep this chart at hand to use when playing online or in a tournament.

This chart shows the percentage chance of winning a hand with the starting cards.

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