Free Video poker fro, different Canadian casinos

Video poker is a kind of combination of a slot machine and a card game (draw poker). It is not as popular as online slot machines for money, but given the high payout percentage (you could even say – the maximum), it still attracts many players.

All free video poker games provided by casino are in different types. Both classic versions of video poker (jacks and above) and variations with one (or more) jokers are available. There are so-called multi-hands in the slot settings: you can play from 1 to 25 hands at a time.

List of slot machines with free video poker

  • All american
  • Deuces Wild
  • Joker Wild
  • Jacks or better

With a block of free games, you can have a great time playing video poker without spending your own real money. Below are the minimum and maximum rates, on the right – the percentage of payments that are set by the developers. We recommend using the strategy of choosing a successful video slot with free testing.

The main differences of versions

When playing one hand or many at the same time – 5, 10 and 25 – these are completely different versions of video poker and different strategies apply to them. What is the difference between video poker variations:

Classic video poker Jacks or Better – the most profitable for the player in terms of return. He has an astronomical payout percentage of 99.56%, wins a pair of jacks and above.

Deuces Wild is a dispersed form of video poker from Netent. In a deck of 52 cards there are four jokers (all two). The percentage of winnings is 97.97%. For the joker, the player pays with low odds in the paytable. Payment is made when three cards of the same rank appear.

Joker Wild is a single joker option. That is, the deck now has 53 cards, one of which is a joker. The payout percentage is set at 97.95% and is the lowest in the set of video poker from Net Entertainment. Payment is made when falling from a pair of kings.

All American is a variant of video poker without a joker, but with significant changes in the payout table. The percentage of winnings is set at 98.11%, payouts start with a pair of jacks and the emphasis is significantly shifted to the combination of “Street” and “Flash”.

Video poker in demo mode

The description pages of each video poker have detailed information about the rules, reviews and observations of testers, betting limits and technical characteristics of the game. You can also play any poker for free. You will have 5,000 free money on your balance. Choose bets and number of hands. When switching to real money game mode, all the controls, settings and animations of the slot will be identical to the free game block.

The video poker review also publishes recommendations on winnings, strategies and tactics. They take into account the fundamental differences of each version and increase the mathematical expectation of winning.

If you lose the entire free cash balance or want to return it to 5000, just refresh the page.

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