Frequently Asked Questions About Breakfast Weekend

What is Arizona Breakfast Weekend?

Often lauded as the most important meal of the day, Arizona Breakfast Weekend gives local, regional and national breakfast lovers the opportunity to enjoy all things egg, bacon, toast at breakfast and brunch spots for $7, $10 and $15 per person or per couple (unless noted: excluding beverages, tax and gratuity) at a number of participating Valley restaurants. Arizona Breakfast Weekend’s goal is to position Arizona as one of the top culinary destinations in the nation by increasing awareness of the many dining opportunities available in the state, as well as stimulating business and revenue for restaurants throughout Arizona.

When is it?

The 2017 Arizona Breakfast Weekend hits eateries July 27-July 30, sending breakfast lovers on a 4-day tasting tour throughout the Valley.

When will the menus be revealed?

Menus from participating restaurants will be updated daily beginning late June.

Who participates in Arizona Breakfast Weekend?

Many of the finest, most renowned chefs in Arizona will showcase their culinary styles for diners. The event will feature an array of well-known restaurants that will provide unbeatable prices for this weekend only!

What do the icons next to certain restaurants mean?

The “B” beverage icon means the restaurant will include a beverage within the price point listed. A “G” indicates that there are Gluten-Free options on the Arizona Breakfast Weekend Menu. A “V” indicates vegetarian options are available.

Is Breakfast Weekend for Phoenix-area restaurants only?

No! If you represent a restaurant anywhere in Arizona and wish to participate in Breakfast Weekend, please contact the Arizona Restaurant Association at (602) 307-9134.

Do diners need a ticket to attend the event?

No tickets are required; however, it is recommended that you make a reservation at the restaurants who list a “reservation” link in their profile. Not all restaurants who participate accept reservations.

Will menus vary?

Yes! Arizona Breakfast Weekend brings together a variety of diverse culinary menus.

Does the menu include a beverage?

Certain restaurants offer a beverage within this promotion denoted on the participant page of the website with a drink icon next to the restaurant.

Is there a lunch and dinner option?

Restaurants who are offering “breakfast for lunch or dinner” on Thursday or Friday nights will have that information clearly notated on their profile page. However, if it is NOT listed as a “breakfast for lunch or dinner” location, the menu will only be served during breakfast and brunch hours.

Do you have to order off of the Breakfast Weekend menu during the weekend?

No. All participating restaurants will be offering their standard menus as well. Diners may order á la carte from the standard menu, but to capitalize on the Arizona Breakfast Weekend pricing you must order from the Breakfast Weekend menu.